Associated Faculty and Staff

The following faculty and staff are affiliated with Digital Studies. For faculty who advise students, that affiliation implies a willingness to advise Digital Studies concentrators, availability permitting.

Erik Simpson, English, Chair of Digital Studies

Mark Baechtel, Rootstalk
Julia Bauder, Social Studies and Data Services Librarian
Jeremy Chen, Studio Art
Mark Christel, Librarian of the College
John Garrison, English
Michael Guenther, History
Ross Haenfler, Sociology
Chris Jones, Special Collections Librarian and Archivist of the College
Stephanie Jones, Education
Matthew Kluber, Studio Art
Albert Lacson, History
Mark Laver, Music
Weiwei Luo, History
Joe Neisser, Philosophy
David Neville, Grinnell College Immersive Experiences Lab (DLAC)
Tammy Nyden, Philosophy
Peter-Michael Osera, Computer Science
Mo Pelzel, Director of Academic Technology (DLAC)
Mirzam PĂ©rez, Spanish
Nick Phillips, Spanish
Vanessa Preast, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Sarah Purcell, History
Samuel A. Rebelsky, Computer Science
Liz Rodrigues, Humanities and Digital Scholarship Librarian
Nicky Tavarez, Film and Media Studies